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California Democratic Party Delegates
46 Assembly District
Other than
Self Identified Female:
John Alford
Lester F. Aponte
Brian Gavidia
Steve Pierson
Nick Roth
Mike Swords
Daniel Tamm
Self Identified Female:
Sybil Azur
Adrienne Burk
Carolyn Chriss
Samantha Dorf
Colleen Evanson
Lauren Perotti
Suju Vijayan
Registration for ballots has closed. Be on the lookout for your ballot if you requested one.



The California Democratic Party  Bylaws (Article VI) provide that an Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS) be held in each of the 80 California Assembly Districts in January of each odd-numbered year to elect 7 “self-identified female” and 7 “other than self-identified female” to be Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) to represent the Assembly District they are registered in. These elections are open to all California Democrats.

Assembly District Delegates (ADD)  the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region and working with other DSCC delegates throughout California to represent their community. AD Delegates are elected by voters (to participate in the ADEM you MUST be a registered Democrat in that Assembly District).

AD delegates vote within CA Democratic Party on behalf of the community they represent at CDP Regional Meetings, the California Democratic Party Convention, and those who are also elected to serve as an Executive Board member are responsible for voting and representing their community at the semi-annual E-Board meetings.



Together, CADEM Delegates vote and conduct Party business at the yearly State Convention and Executive Board meetings, including:

  • Election of CDP Officers: Chairman, two Vice-Chairs, Secretary and Controller (in odd-numbered years after presidential elections)

  • Election of 16-25 Regional Directors who function as liaisons between the California Democratic Party, County Central Committees, and Democratic Clubs in regions comprised of 3 to 5 Assembly Districts (in odd-numbered years)

  • Vote for the Endorsements of the California Democratic Party for partisan legislative and statewide offices in California

  • Vote for Positions on Ballot Propositions (as needed)

  • Establishment of the official California Democratic State Party Platform (in even-numbered years), and CDP Resolutions




We believe it is our moral obligation to put people over profits. We will fight for:


Medicare for All — To replace a health insurance system of corporations profiting from other people’s suffering. Be a model for the country.

Fully-funded Public Education, K - Community College — To ensure an equitable future for young Californians.

Green New Deal — To work for nothing less than the most comprehensive response to climate change, which includes economic opportunity.

Environmental Justice - Economically challenged communities of color are disproportionately exposed to polluting industries. We advocate for Environmental Justice to strengthen the connections between the well-being of earth and marginalized peoples.

COVID Response - A public health response that ensures the wide availability of free testing, and the elimination of cost barriers to preventive care and treatment and future vaccines. We deserve a compassionate economic response that gives all necessary help to workers, families, tenants and small businesses hit hard by this crisis.

Civil Rights - To ensure that all people are treated equally and with dignity.

Gun Violence Prevention - To fight for common sense gun laws.


Housing Justice - To build affordable housing for middle and low-income residents and supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Net Neutrality - To guarantee that all Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.

Clean Money - To eliminate the corrupt influence of "Citizens United," regulate dark money and provide public funding of campaigns.

Reimagine Criminal Justice - To ensure that the punishment fits the crime and doesn't discriminate against the poor and minorities.

Defund the Police - We support the effort to Re-Imagine LA in attempts to start dismantling systemic racism by investing in health, housing, and economic justice and economic justice. Our county’s budget should reflect our values and the will of the people, who are demanding systemic change.

Immigration Reform - To confront the crisis with sane, fair, comprehensive legislation.

Tax Reform - To restructure so that the Top 1% pay their share in a true progressive tax structure. 

Protect our Democracy - To ensure that every vote counts, to fight for the restoration of voting rights and the end of gerrymandering.




How To Vote

Registration to vote in the 2021 ADEM Elections has closed.

Participants who receive their vote-by-mail ballot must fill it out and return it by mail so that it is received by the CADEM Los Angeles or Sacramento PO BOX address no later than January 27, 2021. All ballots received by that date will be counted. Each participant who receives a vote-by-mail ballot may vote for between 1 and 14 persons and may distribute the votes as they wish between self-identified female and other than self-identified female candidates, though they may only vote once for a candidate. Ballots must be completed by bubbling in each candidate the participant is voting for with either blue or black ink. Ballots marked with more than 14 choices are invalid. Ballots where the voter Registration ID is not bubbled-in or is destroyed or unreadable will be considered invalid.

If you registered, be on the lookout for your ballot. It will contain your unique registration number, the ballot, and a prepaid return envelope. Follow the instruction and vote for our entire slate. Don't wait and please return your ballot ASAP!

*Ballots must be received by January 27, 2021*


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