Adrienne Burk

Adrienne Podioum.jpg

California Democratic Party Delegate


Co-chair, Endorsement Committee

President, Valley Grassroots for Democracy

Working to reform the ballot measure process

Winner of a number of awards

Democracy is like a garden. It must not be ignored. It must be attended to constantly or it will go to weeds. I have worked my entire life to further the cause of Democrats. Working to register voters, turn out the vote, fundraising, event hosting, canvassing, shaping policy and electing good progressive Democrats and then pushing them to act in our interests and needs. During the time of Trump, the pandemic and the economic downturn it is even more important that we work and serve. Our country and state are suffering and it is essential that help be given to our fellow citizens. It is my goal to see that these needs are met and that new activists have the tools and means to succeed in our Democratic goals. That our party continue to expand transparency and access to our neighbors and that we continue to inform and empower  voters.

I was a founding member of Valley Grassroots for Democracy and served as it's President, been a co-chair of The Endorsement Committee of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley where I was elected to be a member of the Executive Board, been an elected member of the LA County Democratic Party and was a member of it's Resolutions Committee, been an elected and appointed Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I have held 60 meet-ups, held many fundraisers, written letters, made calls, canvassed, mentored high school students, worked at campaign headquarters, changed the look of ballots in Los Angeles County, and done graphics for fundraising, campaigns and organizations. I am now working on changing how the public gets to understand what the ballot measure mean.

I was awarded The Volunteer of the Year by Valley Grassroots for Democracy at The Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley Truman Awards. Volunteer of the Year for AD46 at the LA County Democratic Party Roosevelt Awards. And the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley.

It would be my honor to serve again, to earn your vote and hear your concerns and needs and then do everything in my power to see that they are met.