Carolyn Chriss



East Valley Indivisibles - Founder & Group Leader

CADEM Delegate 2019-2021

LA Voters Action Coalition - Founding member

Greater LA Indivisible Coalition - Founding Member

I became part of the “Class of 2016” immediately after Trump’s election by founding the first Indivisible Chapter in the San Fernando Valley. We are now EAST VALLEY INDIVISIBLES with over 300 active members and one of hundreds of groups in Los Angeles. In 2019, I became a Delegate for California District 46.


These past four years of intense activism have expanded my world, taught me many valuable lessons and shown me some enduring truths.


I know now how truly fragile Democracy is and that democracy is actually a verb. If each and every citizen of a democratic country doesn’t actively engage with the democratic process, the vacuum will be filled by those who seek to subvert democracy for their own profit. I have seen how hatred and cruelty as political policy destroys everything that this great country represents. I have seen how exploiting people’s hatred and distrust of government is easier than explaining how government functions to improve lives. I’ve seen how destroying the institutions of government and perverting those institutions to benefit political cronies, political ambition and personal profit is much easier than running them for the benefit of the people of the country.


I’ve learned that the people we elect represent We, The People.They WORK FOR US. I’ve learned that our votes matter, and that we must hold them accountable. If our elected representatives commit crimes or enrich themselves while pretending to represent us, we must hold them accountable. If  they only look out for corporate donors and cronies or make decisions based on political calculation instead of fighting for our welfare, we must not send them back. We can, and should, fire them. 


I understand now that constituent participation in the Democratic process cannot be limited to election season. When we take action, it works. When we raise our voices and advocate for the things that matter, we are heard. When we vote and show others how they can engage, it works.  When we mobilize, we win.


The grassroots movement brought millions of new activists into the political arena. During my two years as both a grassroots leader and a Delegate, I’ve experienced how merging the two separate but parallel roles is powerful. I want to continue to build that bridge, enhance our mutual power and promote a commitment to a liberal, progressive, unified vision.