Colleen Evanson

Patriotic Wonder Woman.jpg

Delegate since 2017

Founding member of volunteering non-profit ResisterhoodLA

Homelessness Advocate

IATSE Union Member

TV Writer 

My name is Colleen Evanson and I'm a delegate for Assembly District 46 running for re-election with the Unity slate.

I'm a TV writer for Disney so I know the importance of setting a good example and that communication is key to progress. I am an active member of The Animation Guild Union (IASTE local 839). Before being a delegate the most experience I had with politics was being an intern on The West Wing. Then 2016 happened and now I'm making up for lost time.

I'm a founding member of a volunteering based non profit called resisterhoodLA. We resist complacency by volunteering where there's a need in our communities whether it's painting houses in Compton, cleaning up the LA river, or throwing a birthday party for families in bridge housing. This past year we focused on people experiencing homelessness and have an annual hygiene & menstrual kit drive called Flowvember that creates hundreds of kits for our unhoused neighbors.

In the 2018 midterm election I text banked and canvassed for the first time for Katie Porter and Katie Hill. For the 2020 general election I wrote hundreds of postcards to voters for various Senate and down ballot races, as well as helping with Nithya Raman's campaign for LA City Council.


Over the past four years I've learned that democracy is messy, and sometimes frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting. But despite that, it's worth showing up for. And win or lose I'm going to keep showing up -- so you might as well vote for me. Thank you for being an active voter!