Daniel Tamm

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Executive Board, 46th AD Representative 



Board of Directors, Chair





Repairing our democracy, and building a just country is the work we are all called to do right now. Today, I ask for your vote for re-election as a 46th Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee, to answer that call, along with all of my remarkable colleagues on the AD 46 Unity Slate.


I want to be your Delegate to vote in the upcoming election of CDP Officers. Repairing democracy starts right here. It is crucial that we have people with clear moral compasses guiding the work of the party, and that power be shared. In voting for CDP Endorsements for legislative and statewide offices, and ballot initiatives, I'll prioritize those who have a record of serving the common good. For ballot initiatives, putting people before profits is my criteria. I am grateful for your vote for me and for each candidate of the Unity slate.


Since being elected in 2019, I worked with a small group of AD 46 Delegates, to organize a Medicare for All Forum and the SFV Climate Town Hall to bring together experts, and stimulate engagement on these two crucial issues. Before Covid-19 curtailed community meetings, I had been educating on sustainability practices throughout Los Angeles. I also organized a zoom gathering of leading policy makers in L.A. City and County to focus on what can be done to protect the most vulnerable among people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. 


In the November 3 election, I helped organize voter contact for the successful Measure J, whose main purpose is to start dismantling systemic racism in L.A. County. I also led actions to support environmental and housing justice bills in the recent state legislative session. I'm currently contacting voters in Georgia to win two U.S. Senate seats. With courage and compassion, we can revive the heart of democracy! Thanks for your support!