Steve Pierson

Steve Pierson

Swing Left

National Training Director

Host of Swing Left “How We Win” Podcast

CA Democratic Party

Lead Chair - Voter Services Committee, Executive Board, ADEM AD46

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley

Chair Elections Committee, Executive Board

LA County Democratic Party

2019 Democrat of the Year AD46

Endorsed by the Progressive Democrats Network

Serving to represent AD46 as a California Democratic Party delegate over the last 2 years has been an honor, and I have worked hard to make the most of this opportunity. Since being elected as a delegate I have taken an active leadership role in our party as Lead Chair of the Voter Services Committee. I’m working to reform our committee and help focus our work as party activists by empowering grassroots volunteers both inside and outside our party to be more effective. I’ve been doing this work locally as well, serving as Elections Committee Chair for the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley. I am eager to continue this important work and keep building our collective power.


I began my activist journey in Jan. 2017 with the grassroots organization Swing Left, first as a volunteer and then as Southern California Field Director and Swing Left National Training Manager for the 2018 Midterms. Currently I produce and Co-Host Swing Left’s podcast, “How We Win” and serve as National Training Director. I have the great privilege of connecting with thousands of volunteers from all over the country to help give them the tools to take action.


We’ve won a historic election and are sending Joe Biden and California’s own Kamala Harris to the White House, but this election also showed us how much work we still have to do. We are a country being ripped apart by systemic racism, staggering inequality, and the unchecked affects of climate change. We need to put people over profits. Fully-funded public education should be a priority for all of our communities. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the glaring inequities with access to health care in our country and I believe Medicare for All is the answer. I’m fighting for the protection of voting rights, a Green New Deal, compassionate immigration reform, common sense gun laws, housing justice, and criminal justice reform.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. Last year I was honored to be recognized by the LA County Democratic Party as their male “Democrat of the Year” for AD46. I’m excited to continue this work and I humbly ask for your vote and support of the AD46 Unity Slate.