Suju Vijayan


Current elected delegate from AD46

Co-leader, East Valley Indivisibles

VP Political Affairs, Democratic Parents Club

Volunteer, Nithya Raman's campaign for City Council

Heavily involved in GOTV efforts for 2020 election

Hi! I’m a current delegate from Assembly District 46, running for re-election on the Unity Slate, which combines members from 2019’s winning Grassroots Slate and the Progressive Slate. I’m proud to be running with a group of committed, hardworking activists. In our last term, we worked together to put on community engagement events - one on healthcare and one on the environment. We were planning a third on democracy reform when COVID hit. I attended both Democratic state conventions in 2019, and spoke in front of the legislation committee, getting the party to support legislation that would prevent surprise emergency medical billing. I've worked on many fronts with the goal of educating voters and getting rid of Donald Trump. First, as co-leader of East Valley Indvisibles, a progressive activist group that wrote nearly 14,000 letters to voters and called and texted well over 300,000 voters in the run up to the election. Second, as the VP for Political Affairs for Los Angeles’ newest Democratic club, Democratic Parents, where I brought in candidates to speak to our membership and vie for our endorsement (everyone we endorsed won!). Third, I was an extremely active volunteer for Nithya Raman’s successful City Council campaign - writing postcards, sending texts, making calls, stuffing literature bags and dropping them at people’s homes, and working closely with her campaign manager to find support for her progressive campaign wherever I could.

I’m also a longtime resident of Assembly District 46. I’ve lived in the same home for 20 years and I love my neighborhood. My son attended Kester Avenue Elementary and is currently an 8th grader at Walter Reed Middle School. My husband and I got married in our backyard 18 years ago and shot a film in our home 9 years ago. We both work from home so our house is also our office. During this quarantine it has been so comforting to live in a place with a true sense of community. It has made a bad time better. I know our community, our state, and our country has a lot of healing to do - from COVID and the devastation it’s created and from the political divisions deepened by this immoral President. I want to be a part of that. I want to represent our community to the Democratic Party and make sure the party fights for us as we make our way through and soon out of this difficult time. I’d be honored to have your vote.